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Customer Success Stories

Bonito - Upscale Kosher
Dining in Flatiron District

At Bonito, where Italian zest meets Japanese finesse, every dish is an adventure. Thanks to NYPOS’s advanced POS system, we efficiently manage our eclectic menu and bustling dining environment. It’s not just about serving food; it’s about delivering an unforgettable dining experience. NYPOS’s robust system seamlessly handles our complex orders, ensuring our guests enjoy impeccable service in our art deco ambiance.

Empire Steak House - A Legacy of Gastronomic Excellence

Empire Steak House, a name synonymous with luxury dining in NYC, prides itself on its unparalleled steak offerings. With NYPOS’s inventory management and extensive reporting tools, we effortlessly track our premium Black Angus Beef and manage our vast wine selection. The NYPOS system aligns perfectly with our ethos of luxury and excellence, enhancing our guests' experience in our Gatsby-esque setting.

Pappas Taverna - The
Drama of NYC’s Culinary

Pappas Taverna, a gem in Greenwich Village, has seen its fair share of culinary drama. With NYPOS at our side, we’ve navigated these exciting times with ease. Their comprehensive POS system allows us to adapt quickly to menu changes and guest preferences, making every dining experience at Pappas unique. As we embark on our new chapter under Dream Hospitality, we’re confident that NYPOS will continue to be a crucial part of our story.

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